The Main Characters

Type: Human Mage
Age: 23
Modus of Magic: Chaos/Auric
First Appearance:
Likes: Swords, Eggs n' Rice (w/nori), Japanese Animation, Angels, Midori with Parrot Bay in sprite, Martial Arts, Chex Mix, Comedies, Comic Books, Rare Steak, The works of H.P. Lovecraft, The works of Phil Foglio (XXXEnophile GOOD!), RPGs, Counterstrike, Techno.
Dislikes: Anal Retentive People, Raw Onions, Villans who cant do the Evil Laugh, Getting Shot At, Power Gamers, Televangelists, Telemarketers, Teledimentiacs, Trix Cereal.
Description: Mark is your average guy, who always wears sunglasses, and for some reason has silver hair. Always the wiseass, he seems to have a response or a witty remark for anything and everything that can be chided. He seems to have a odd fascination for Angels and can often be found drooling while staring at all the angel paraphenalia he collects. He is also a reasonable martial artist and practiced swordsman, who uses his auric magic to aid him, much like "Chi" (some argue this is the same thing).
Type: Human Mage
Age: 21
Modus of Magic: Ceremonial (with some Paganism)
First Appearance:
Likes: The Goddess :), the Earth, Fluffy Bunnies, Kitties, Practically any Animal, Practially any Plant, Buff Men, Occult Jewelery, Lamb (both alive, and with gravy), Wine, The works of Piers Anthony, Salt and Vinegar potato chips, Movies, Gardening, New Age Music.
Dislikes: Violence, Televangelists, Avacados, Getting Shot At, Milk and Cereal Bars, Artificial Flavors, Mysogynists, Sexists, Rap.
Description: Lynni is a pagan of a wiccan or ex-wiccan variety. She is still very fluffy nonetheless and tries to do her part to save the world (via environmentalism). She gardens in her spare time, and raises a veritable wildlife reserve of animals in house (much to the disdain of Mark and Nikolai, who share the rent). She is a staunch feminist, but also realizes that sexism in any form is non-conductive to a progressive society. Her ceremonial magic a powerful force, but due to its dependance on tools is somewhat limited. To circumvent this, she often carries her equipment in a consice utility belt. She is almost never seen without her wand.
Type: Human Mage (Cyborg)
Age: 22
Modus of Magic: Technomagic
First Appearance:
Likes: Computers, A.I.s, Robots, Big Robots, Japanese Animation, Sci-Fi (which he calls Reality T.V.), 1st person shooters, Mech Combat games, His Laboratory, Aircraft, Flight Simulators, Funyuns, Techno, Instant Ramen, Jolt Cola, Guns, Big Guns, Really Big Guns, High Explosives.
Dislikes: Anti-Gun Legislation, Liberals, Televangelists, Getting Shot At and Not Being Able to Shoot Back, Running out of Ammo, Airport Metal Detectors, Ceramic anti-plasma armor, Enemies with Bigger Guns.
Description: Nikolai is the resident Mad Scientist/Gun Nut. He's violent enough to equal the entire millitary of some small countries and does enough damage with his inventions to equal the effect of a teraton nuke. However he was treated for his tendancies by channeling all that energy into his inventions, violent gaming, and a steady supply of nerve relaxants from his DES (Digital Enhancement System, a computer directly connected to his brain.) He may never be normal in any sense, but oddly enough, when hopped-up on brain relaxants, he's the voice of reason with the group.

The Familliars

Type: Aetheric Manifestation
Age: 1
Modus of Magic: Auric Magic
First Appearance:
Likes: Cute Things, Japanese Animation, Insence (Yummy!), Swords, Armor.
Dislikes: Nothing.
Description: Astra is a servator created by Mark, given shape and personality by a fluke involving anime videos. She is a complete optimist, and seems to be perpetually happy, or very near that. Her personality seems eternally set on 'cute'as well as 'naive', probably due to the anime influence of her creation.
Type: Cat
Age: 2
Modus of Magic: Ceremonial (loose/limited)
First Appearance:
Likes: Fish, Mice, Birds, Milk, Rum, Nightclubbing, Shrimp Chips, Wine, Movies, Japanse Animation.
Dislikes: Hentai Catgirl Fetishists, People that call her "Afro", Cat Food.
Description: Aphrodite is a Cat (not to be confused with the Goddess Aphrodite, of the Greek Pantheon) and companion to Lynni. After living with Lynni for a while, she started picking up various spells, albeit with some margin of error. She almost never gets any spells exactly correctly, instead using her own variants. Her "Cat Girl" form is a result of one of those variants, as she cannot polymorph herself without retaining some catlike features.
Type: Artificial Intelligence
Age: 1
Modus of Magic: Technomagic
First Appearance:
Likes: Upgrades, RAM, Greater Processing Power, Internet Games.
Dislikes: Being put into 'obsolete' machines.
Description: Ezekiel is a machine created by Nikolai's Genius. Besides being the smartest person of the group, he is also able to inhabit any peice of machinery that has a memory storage and processor. Of course, many of these he feels is obsolete and beneath him. Though they are loath to admit it, he and Nikolai have a common goal beyond their friendly camaraderie. TO USHER IN A FUTURE WHERE MACHINES RUL.. er, um.. nothing. Forget I said anything.

The Other Characters

Type: Deity
Age: 18
Modus of Magic: Miracles
First Appearance:
Likes: Sex, Drugs, and Anything with a Beat.
Dislikes: Squares, Old People, Conservatives.
Description: Jesse is a child of a God, or godlike being. Namely the Eternal Androgene from Gnostic Lore. Because of his parentage, Jesse is both male and female in hir natural form, but able to completely switch to either. Hir parents actually birthed hir to attempt to usher a new age of humanity, free from Yaldaboth. However, upon reaching hir early teens, (s)he realized that, like, the job totally blows and is now on a hedonistic journey of self-discovery and pleasure.. maaan.