I'm doing this as a free public service to you, my adoring fans. Your adoration is all I really need, (and would like more, expressed in e-mails and fan pics please) and I dont need the stimulus of cold hard cash to drive me. If I ever did recieve a large sum of money for this strip, I would feel as if I had to work much harder to upkeep it, and keep the fans' approval. But as of now, I don't have the time nor the inclination to become a serious cartoonist. You can count on this comic continuing though. If I ever do plan on closing it down, I'll be sure to post it. Im not going to go the way of the dodo yet, even if I do take an unnanounced hiatus now and then.

Oh, and if you do have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, I suggest you invest in something that will fuel your future. I'm talking about the Fushigi Yugi DVD set. That bad-boy is the best damn anime I've ever seen. Another cool thing to pick up might be those Zoids. Yeah, those old eighties model/toys are making a comeback nowadays, and while the anime (at least third season [New Century 0])may be a cheap peice of badly dubbed tripe, the models are fun and entertaining to build. I enjoy building them far more than Gundam models. Oh, and for you cybermages out there, I suggest you check out this awesome program called CyberShaman. No, I havent actually tried it(too expensive for me), I think it looks shibby. If you're into regular magick, I suggest you try Jaq D. Hawkins' spirit series. Then tell me if it's any good. I want to buy them, but the price is a killer. If these ideas dont get you on a spending binge, then just loiter around e-bay for a while. You'll eventually think of something weird to get there.