Comic for Wednesday , July 9 , 2003
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7/5/2003 - Ha! I didn't expect to take this long to update! Actually, after I finished the last comic, I finished two others. However, I never did letter them in due to the fact that I had a lot of schoolwork and frankly, more important things to do than entertain people for free. (sorry guys)
So I just finished these two comics. From this point, Wizztards may be taking what I call, a lazy bastard infrequent update hiatus thing. Much like comics like Joe Average and Strange Daze (Though I admire Strange Daze). I actually have a valid reason for this. My mother wishes to save about three thousand dollars by having us paint our house ourselves. And we have a decently large house. It's taking a lot of my free time. Also, during the next semester, I absolutely need to get a 4.0 for the semester, otherwise I severely hurt my chances of getting into the school of nursing. And of course, I need to get into the school of nursing because I'd really like to make 40 grand a year just with starting pay.
Therefore, Wizztards will have to take the back seat for a while. I know you're all used to this, so that's great. I thank anyone who stuck to this comic even though there was some long waits between updates. And I will thank anyone who will keep reading this comic as the time goes on.

Remember, it's not dead, only sleeping.

And that's Gnus.
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